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Why do we do it!

MY MIND WAS TALKING OUT LOUD, why do we make Art? I started making art around four years old and found that it held my attention for long periods of time. I felt content all anxiety was gone, as if my mind was talking out loud!!! I could draw a person add the eyes, nose and body almost like a new friend, deciding who this person was, their name and where they lived. It was a safe world to express my feelings. I was a quiet child with a handicapped sibling. Making Art was something I could do myself, and didn't require any help from anyone. Everything I drew was fine, even great, and everyone else thought so too! As a child, I made art every chance I could in one form or another through music, dance and singing. As I got older, I realized the most unproductive times in my life were the times that I did not create and also the darkest times as well. Today, I love sharing the gift of art for so many reason's mostly for the joy it brings that may sound very common, but I've seen it happen over and over again, it connects people, heals people. Being able to create with so many wonderful people in my life gave me a connection to community, family, support and encouraged artistic growth. The students in my classes range from all ages and over the years their parents came to my classes- that is quiet amazing. Parents were able to hang their own painting next to their childs. Such a delight for both student, parent and myself as well. Artwork has brought us all full circle not to mention, the wonderful success stories I hear from my students as they found their careers in the arts.

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