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Barbara Nuvola

I find I am most comfortable in an artistic setting where art flows freely and Artwork of a unique interest exists. I am a Mixed Media Artist, inspired by different mediums searching for shapes, forms, texture and colors merging art with medium.


With that said, as a young child, I worked on my art with found objects, when it came time at age fourteen to have back surgery, I required recuperation for one year. In that year, I began to work on my art drawing and painting, with little out side exposure, art was the guiding force that helped heal me and channel my frustrations.


The benefits from art supported me during that difficult time and led me in

the direction of becoming an artist. Self taught, growing up in New York City, I started working in acrylics and mixed mediums.I went on briefly, to study at the Community College, and soon began to feel more confident about my work from peers and teachers. Later on, I opened an art studio, teaching adults and children eventually getting my Teaching Certification in Art.


I taught at the elementary level in addition to creating two successful After School Art Programs. I then went on to exhibit each year around the New York area, with many publications in the local newspapers and  three nominations by Rockland County Executive Art Awards, for Fine Art and Art Education. While at the School of Visual Arts, I continued to work with portraits. Once again, using a variety of mediums from Water Color to Oil Sticks to reflect a distinct personality in each portrait. I Continued to challenge my artistic abilities by studying at New York Botanical Gardens for a certificate in Botanical Illustration.


I look at portraits as a visual dialogue between the artist and the model.

A narrative or a story searching to capture a moment, detected through behaviors and gestures, a different life style and culture. Through my work, I try and identify the person and not just an image. The central foundation of who they are becomes transparent and my goal is to uncover their individuality exposing what is beautiful and unique. I have shown my work in New York, Italy, and Paris.

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