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Artist in Multi Media.  Celebration Of Women Artists.

Rockland Journal News. Thursday June 2, 2011. Page 4


Arts Council of Rockland. County Executive Arts Awards.

NOMINEE. Art Education. Arts Happening Newspaper.

March/April 2003- Volume 28.  Cover.


Debbie Wenzel,  “Beyond the Garden Gate,” Illustration. 

Clarkstown  Garden Club. 1997-1998  Cover. 


Therese Ortaga, Gannet Newspaper.  Nuvola Art Studio Exhibit.

Thursday June 19, 1997. Barns and Nobel. Cover.


Theresa Ortaga, Gannet Newspaper, New City Library,

Acrylic Montage Life in Rockland.  1998.


Art Happening Newspaper. Arts Coucil Of Rockland.

Executive Arts Awards. NOMINEE. Fine Artist. February 1997

Volume 22 Number 2. Cover Page.


TKR Cable of Rockland and Ramapo. Hopper House. Nyack, Ny.

“The Girl in the Doll House.” Art Exhibit. Interview. 1997


Nancy Cacioppo, “The Hamlet OF Congers,” Painting.

The Rockland Journal News, Sunday, September 22, 1996 B3.


Arts Happening Newspaper. Sept, 1996 Volume 21 Number 9

A View On Art.  Volume 21 Page 4.


YMCA. Cover Illustration. White Plains and Central Westchester.

‘AWAKENINGS’. 5th Annual Recognition of Recovery.  June 23, 1993

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